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Artifical intelligence has made tremendous advances in the last decade. Prominent examples include vision based approaches (which are the basis of most driver assistance systems) and transformer based approaches (which are the the basis of modern chat and text understanding systems).

However, none of these approaches yet aims at understanding and interpreting cognitive processes of humans. Productive teaming is a first step towards this aim. While cognitive processes in general are a huge area, in productive teaming the restriction to production processes and human machine teaming allows for advancing the concept in general as well as achieving results for society early.

CHIM Map & Logo 3Technically, Productive Teaming requires to understand coginitive and decision making processes, to measure and interpret actions and contextes as well as to develop reasoning strategies. The three universities TU Chemnitz, TU Ilmenau and OVGU Mageburg agreed to bring together their best researchers to tackle this problem. TU Chemnitz has a strong background in Cognitive Science and Psychology, while TU Ilmenau is know for it‘s expertise in sensorics. OVGU builds upon it‘s strategic focus on artifical intelligence. Thus, Productive Teaming is synergetically supported by other activities of OVGU like OVGU‘s regular „Round-table AI“, the inter-university study program „AI in Engineering“, the DFG-SFB „Hybrid Teams“ (under review) and also the brand new research focus „Arbeitswelt 4.0“ as part of the extension of Magdeburgs Fraunhofer IFF.

The project is based on 15 years of strategic joint research of TU Chemnitz, TU Ilmenau and Otto-von-Guericke-University Magdeburg which started with an agreement of collaboration in 2008 and is now a living and active cross-university activity: The Chemnitz-Ilmenau-Magdeburg Research and Innovation Network (CHIM).

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